Задание №64834 ЕГЭ по Английскому языку

Тема : Лексико-грамматические навыки
Раздел: Языковой материал (лексика и грамматика)
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Вставьте подходящее слово в пропуск 36:

1) road
2) voyage
3) trip
4) tour

Ronda and Max

Max and Ronda had become real friends and, perhaps, more than that. Max 30                           that Ronda meet him in Hartwood’s the week after the wedding of her sister. They hadn’t seen each other in five weeks and had been 31                           each other. She had a mountain of work to do at the store, especially with their online business now, and they had just hired another assistant whom Jane was training, and Ronda thought she should be there too. But she wanted to see him, and 32                           to go. She had been feeling down ever since the wedding. And after Hartwood’s he had business in California and he wanted her to join him.

Ronda 33                           her mother she was leaving and meeting a friend and Belinda thought it was an excellent idea. Ronda looked exhausted, and her mother didn’t ask who she was meeting, since Ronda didn’t mention it herself. Belinda never pried, but she hoped it was 34                           a special friend. She thought it would 35                           Ronda good if it was.

Ronda took a plane to California two days later, and a very small airplane from there to Hartwood’s. The second flight was bumpy and the landing was frightening, but she was so happy to be meeting Max that she didn’t care how bad the 36                           was. He was waiting for her at the airport and held her tightly in his arms. He could see all the strain and sorrow of the past month in her eyes. And all he wanted to do now was to make it better.

…she didn’t care how bad the trip was…
...ее не волновало, насколько плохой была поездка...

1) road – дорога, путь (буквальная локация)
2) voyage – длинное путешествие, как правило, на корабле 
3) trip – короткая поездка в один конец 
4) tour – предполагает посещение нескольких мест

Ответ: 3

Источник: Реальные задания (ЕГЭ, ФИПИ, Вербицкая)