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Тема : Лексико-грамматические навыки
Раздел: Языковой материал (лексика и грамматика)
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Вставьте подходящее слово в пропуск 36:

1) miss
2) fail
3) lack
4) lose


Joyce had always hated everything about Hollywood. She wanted nothing to 30                           with a life like her parents’ and grandparents’. It was theif mother's dream, and Joyce’s youngest sister Leslie had finally 31                           her mother's dream for her. Julia, their mother, was 32                           now that Joyce didn't have her talent. However, Julia was sure that Leslie was talented. She controlled every aspect of Leslie’s career, just as her father had run her own. Julia had never decided what to have for breakfast, let 33                           what parts to take, without him. He made all her decisions for her. Just like Julia was now making Leslie’s. The only difference was that Leslie was a child. Julia wasn’t, when her father was making her decisions for her. He was running her career and her life.

Julia’s main interest was in Leslie’s acting, not her general education. Julia thought Leslie could always catch 34                           on school later, though she’d actually never fallen behind. Joyce was conscientious about Leslie’s education, and everyone on the set 35                          her. She had an occasional battle with Julia, who didn’t want Leslie to 36                           her work with her drama coach, or voice lessons, but Leslie always managed to do all. What she didn’t get to do was hanging out with kids of her own age, or play, except with adults.

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