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Тема : Лексико-грамматические навыки
Раздел: Языковой материал (лексика и грамматика)
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Вставьте подходящее слово в пропуск 36:

1) declared
2) promised
3) insisted
4) confessed

Onions and garlic

Once upon a time, there lived two brothers: Joshua and Eli. They dwelled on a humble farm, struggling with poverty. Joshua toiled tirelessly day after day, while Eli, burdened by indolence, shunned work.

One fateful day, Joshua heard tales 30                            a distant kingdom that had a peculiar scarcity – no onions! Pondering this intriguing revelation, Joshua came 31                            with an idea. "If I could sell them onions," he pondered, "they would surely pay a handsome sum." Determined, he sought an audience with the king and was granted his request.

Joshua 32                            the king about the wonders of onions, piquing the monarch's curiosity. Captivated by the idea, the king extended an invitation for Joshua to 33                            a grand feast featuring a myriad of onion-infused dishes. That evening, the king and his esteemed guests indulged in the flavorful creations. Unanimously, they marveled at how the humble onion elevated each dish, rendering them exquisitely delectable. The king declared, "These onions are the most precious gems in my realm. In 34                            for them, I shall bestow upon you their equivalent weight in the most coveted treasure I possess – diamonds." Thus, Joshua became instantaneously wealthy, returning to his village adorned with a wagon overflowing with shimmering diamonds.

Joshua, driven by benevolence, generously shared his newfound wealth. However, his brother Eli remained consumed by jealousy. Eli, driven by greed, inquired whether this kingdom also lacked garlic. Joshua contemplated for a moment and responded, "In 35                          , they have no garlic." Eli's mind churned with avaricious thoughts. "If I could sell them garlic," he mused, "I would be richer than my brother. After all, garlic surpasses onions in its tantalizing taste." Inspired by his covetous ambition, Eli embarked on the same journey as his brother.

Following in Joshua's footsteps, Eli secured an audience with the king and showcased an array of garlic-infused delicacies. The king, upon savoring the flavorful dishes, 36                            garlic to be the most prized possession in his kingdom. He proclaimed, "I shall grant you their equivalent weight in the most precious treasure of my realm – onions!" And so, Eli's aspirations crumbled, as he received nothing more than a stack of onions in exchange for his efforts.

Решение: The king ... declared garlic to be the most prized possession in his kingdom.
Король ... назвал чеснок самым главным владением в его королевстве.

1) declare – назвать, объявлять
2) promise – обещать
3) insist on – настаивать
4) confess – признаваться, рассказывать

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