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Просмотр задания №482

Тема : Лексико-грамматические навыки
Раздел: Языковой материал (лексика и грамматика)
31 линия
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Вставьте подходящее слово в пропуск 31:

1) down
2) out
3) up
4) over


Ted Sanford was born nine minutes later than his brother Harry. It was his twin brother, Harry, who was 30                           to become an earl, to inherit a castle in Scotland, 22,000 acres in Kent, twenty million pounds and one of the best banks in the City of London.

His parents adored Harry, especially his mother. He was her beloved son, she devoted all her spare time to Harry. Ted couldn’t understand why his parents loved him less than Harry. It was to be several years before young Ted worked 31                           the full significance of coming second in life’s first race. His twin brother in the years that followed 32                           not only the usual childhood illnesses but managed to add scarlet fever, diphtheria and meningitis to them. His mother, Lady Sanford, feared for his survival. Ted, on the other 33                          , was a survivor, and inherited enough ambition for both his brother and himself. He was always a winner. Only a few years passed before those who came 34                           contact with the brothers for the first time mistakenly assumed Ted was the heir to the earldom.

As the years passed Ted’s father tried desperately to discover something at which Harry might triumph over his brother – and 35                          . When they were eight, the two boys were sent away to Summer Fields where many generations of Sanfords had been prepared for Eton. And there Ted beat Harry in every 36                          .

Решение: It was to be several years before young Ted worked out the full significance of coming second in life’s first race.
Должно было пройти несколько лет, пока юный Тед не осознал всю прелесть того, чтобы быть вторым по жизни.

2) Work out – заниматься в спорт-зале, понять что-то, разобраться
3) Work up – усилить что-то
4) Work over – повредить кого-то

Work down не используется

Ответ: 2

Источник: Реальные задания (ЕГЭ, ФИПИ, Вербицкая)