Задание №501 ЕГЭ по Английскому языку

Тема : Лексико-грамматические навыки
Раздел: Языковой материал (лексика и грамматика)
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Вставьте подходящее слово в пропуск 33:

1) held
2) done
3) put
4) kept

A festival in Pepin

There are many interesting festivals in the USA. If you want to experience village life of the nineteenth century, you should go to the annual Laura Ingalls Wilder Days festival. It takes 30                           in the Village of Pepin. This event is devoted to an American writer Laura Ingalls Wilder known for the “Little House on the Prairie” series of children’s novels based on her childhood in a settler family. This is the perfect festival for those who have read the books and 31                           what life really was like for Laura and her family. Several thousand people come to see a beautiful parade and 32                           many other activities at the two-day event.

Come join us for this fun-filled weekend! The annual Laura Days celebration is 33                           on the second weekend in September. Saturday events include a parade, children’s pioneer games and activities in the park, craft demonstrations and a food tent. 34                           the same time, there are many other activities, such as Little Miss Laura contest, a greased pig contest, tours of the Masters Hotel, and more! 35                          , you can visit an old church on Sunday morning or go to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, which features many items Laura and her family had and recalls the era in which they lived. And we 36                           recommend finishing your visit to Pepin with a picnic on the shore of Lake Pepin, picking up pretty pebbles as Laura did so many years ago.

Решение: The annual Laura Days celebration is held on the second weekend in September.
Ежегодное празднование проводится во вторые выходные Сентября.

Устойчивое выражение: to be held – провдиться (о мероприятиях, событиях)

Ответ: 1

Источник: Реальные задания (ЕГЭ, ФИПИ, Вербицкая)